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Ars Machine The manufacturer of agricultural and gardening machines

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Ars Machine
The manufacturer of agricultural machines

Quality assurance

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Strength, durability, and beauty

Ars Machine Industrial Complex

The Ars Machine Group is a manufacturing and trading complex that operates in the field of agricultural machinery, gardening, green space, and livestock and poultry equipment. It focuses on small to medium-sized machines, with its headquarters and factory located in the Maloosjan Industrial Town in Fars Province, and its factory in the Shiraz Special Economic Zone.

The group has research, development, and innovation departments, production workshops, assembly lines, quality control, and warehouses. The goal of the Ars Machine Group is to provide products with strength, durability, beauty, and extensive after-sales services. The group’s representatives across the country are committed to enhancing technical knowledge and customer satisfaction.

Providing quality assurance and rapid supply of spare parts are considered prominent features. The group always requires the participation of its customers to achieve its goals and emphasizes constant attention to customer feedback and advice.

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