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ARS Machine vision Statement

ماموریت آرس ماشین


The endeavor of the ARS Machine Group is the production of quality, sustainable products aligned with the country's climatic conditions, along with continuous innovation to address the needs of cherished farmers and gardeners. Our goal is to attain customer satisfaction and bring about a transformation in advancing the mechanization of small-scale lands. The economic justification of agricultural and gardening activities on small lands stands as the primary mission of the ARS Machine Group, addressing all the needs of users. This sector represents a key priority among our primary objectives.

چشم انداز آرس ماشین


The focus of this group is on the production and supply of various types of small machines, including those for agriculture, gardening, landscaping, livestock, and more. Our main goal is to achieve a 30% share of the domestic market and export 40% of our produced goods to six neighboring countries by 2026. Through extensive investment in research, development, and innovation, as well as increased production, our ultimate aim by 2029 is to expand international relations and exports to 12 countries. Additionally, we aim to fulfill 50% of the domestic needs for small-scale lands.

ارزش‌های آرس ماشین


The production and supply of products that cater to the needs of farmers and gardeners, leading to improved livelihoods through increased efficiency, ease of operation, and reduced production costs, represent the most valuable achievement for the ARS Machine Group. The incorporation of innovative technologies such as specialized drones for spraying results in both quantitative and qualitative enhancements in the products of our beneficiaries. This transformation in their quality of life presents our most significant challenge.

History of ARS machine

The ARS Machine Group is a manufacturing and trading conglomerate that operates in the fields of agricultural machinery, gardening equipment, landscaping, as well as livestock and poultry supplies. Its primary focus is on small to medium-sized machinery. The headquarters and factory of the ARS Machine Group are situated in Melosjan Industrial Park, Fars Province. This establishment, equipped with experienced personnel, encompasses various departments including research, development, and innovation (R&D&I), production workshops, two complete assembly lines, a quality control department, and three warehouses for machinery, assembly parts, and spare parts.

نمایشگاه آرس ماشین5
Certificates, Documents ,Licenses
  • Quality Management System Certificate 2008: ISO 9001
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate 2007: ISO 18001
  • Environmental Management System Certificate 2004: ISO 14001
  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement System Certificate 2012: ISO 10004
  • Customer Complaint Handling System Certificate 1014: ISO 10002
  • Social Responsibility Certificate 2010: ISO 26000