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Welcome to the world of the ARS Machine Group! We are a dynamic manufacturing and trading complex specializing in the domains of agriculture, gardening, landscaping, and livestock equipment. Our focal point lies in crafting small to medium-sized machinery that caters to your needs. Nestled in the heart of Maloosjan Industrial City in Fars Province, our central office orchestrates operations, while our factory in Shiraz Special Economic Zone propels our production endeavors.

Encompassing pivotal divisions such as R&D&I, production workshops, assembly lines, quality control, and warehouses, the ARS Machine Group operates as a well-oiled mechanism. Our unwavering mission is to deliver products that embody resilience, lasting power, visual allure, and an all-encompassing suite of after-sales services. With representatives spanning the nation, we are dedicated to enriching technical knowledge and elevating customer contentment.

At the core of our ethos are two standout pillars: a commitment to quality assurance and the swiftest possible provision of spare parts. These facets underscore our commitment to excellence. Nevertheless, we recognize that our journey is incomplete without your active engagement. Your partnership is pivotal in steering us toward our ambitions, and we place a premium on your continuous insights and recommendations.

In essence, the ARS Machine Group is not just a manufacturer and trader – we are your collaborators in progress, your solution providers, and your allies in efficiency. Join us on this transformative expedition, where innovation converges with your requirements.


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Directions to Unit No. 1, ARS Machine Industrial Complex (Sohrabi Zadeh Industrial Complex, Melosjan Industrial Town)